Monday, February 23, 2009

Megan Leigh Crouch suicide

On May 15, 1995 Megan Leigh Crouch had been born, she was an amazing girl. A very strong girl in fact. From about a year and a half old Megan had been getting molested by her step father Danny D Wallice. He had been molesting her until the age of 9 when she had told her mother that he had been molesting her. Her mom did everything right went to the police and everything trying to get him locked up. She said at first he thought that she had it taped and she said she asked him why and he said he admitted it and said he needs help. But then he found out that she didnt have it taped or anything and had started denying it. They moved to Kentucky so Megan could live a normal life. Through out the years there was supposed to be a court day but it had been canceled and rescheduled every time. My eighth grade year 2008 and Megan's seventh grade year 2008 we became best friends. Megan had began cuttingherself all over her wrist then leading to her legs and shoulders. Megans mom made many calls to the DA and there still there hadnt been a did they went to court. She had feared the day she would have to and then when she had her confidence up and ready they would say that it would have to be reschedualed. Megan had admitted what Dany had done to her one a bus ride. She seemed bery unconfortable talking about it so we changed subject quick. But you could still tell how hurt she was by it. One time when we were talking on the phone her ex stepfather and called and asked to talk to her sister and said no flipped back over to me and told me. Megan sister was his daughter and he still had rights to talk to her and Megans mom had to take her to see him. On June 11,2008 Megan at age thirteen my best friend had took a gun to her head and pulled the trigger. She couldnt handle the pain any longer. Finally the DA did something about it and went to court but he got away free because Megan wasnt there to be cross examined.
Fact here: that day Megan had been talking to me and the morning and souned in a great mood she was happy we were singing and talking and just ahving a fun conversation. Only a couple hours later i had gotten the call about what Megan had done and I had broken down in tears.